About Us

MIRIS: Democratizing Fragrance

Since our inception in Ukraine in 2014, MIRIS has garnered the trust of over 100,000 regular customers, fulfilling more than half a million orders. By 2021, sensing the growth ceiling in our home market, we ventured into the world's largest economy - the USA. Partnering with Amazon FBA has elevated our customer service, enabling swift deliveries to our American customers within just 4-5 days.

Our mission is straightforward: Offer high-quality fragrances without the excessive costs of marketing and branding, making perfumes accessible for everyone. Our fragrances match the caliber of high-end designer brands but are available at a fraction of the price.

We believe that fragrance is not an exclusive luxury but a pleasure that should be accessible to all, regardless of income, gender, or cultural background.

Our compact bottles are purse-friendly, ready to be used at any moment. With MIRIS's extensive range of scents, there's something to suit every preference.